Trip to Serra da Estrela

Last winter trip this year was in our country to the highest mountain in mainland Portugal.

And what a well spend day! Beautiful Serra da Estrela is about 2h30 driving from our home. We went there with a couple of friends to spend the day in the snow.

Leah was the chosen one this time, and it was the first time she saw snow. She really loved the snow and the cold didn't affect her at all.

She even wanted to try sledding, she loved it, and ask to go again! She is such a adventurous girl, she doesn't know the word "fear"!

We spent some hours playing and enjoying snow. Unfortunately, due to the excess of snow we couldn't visit the highest point of the mountain called "Torre", but we still had enjoyed a lot of snow near to "Barragem da Lagoa Comprida".

In the end of the afternoon we stop at "Sabugueiro" to eat the typical cheese from Serra da Estrela. Leah also had tried and she loved it!

We really recommend the visit and if you can spend a few days there better. It's such a beautiful mountain either in winter or in summer.

We left you with some pics from there: