Free-moving, elegant and noble appearance, these dogs are really the kings of our home. Their expression is very important and is undoubtedly one of the highlights in their standard, it must be sweet, gentle and (almost) impossible to resist.

   These small Spaniels weigh up to 8kg and can measure up to 33cm in height. They are well balanced and well proportioned dogs. The hair should be long (without exaggeration) and smooth (with slight curl), it should be left natural without any cuts.

   They belong to group 9, the group of toy dogs. There are 4 possible colors: Blenheim, Tricolor, Ruby and Black and Tan.

   Here you can see the full standard of the breed according to FCI.



  Loving, sweet, cheerful and very dependent on their owners. They love everyone, every animal, and so even the thief is welcome at home (they are not guard dogs at all).

   They don't bark much and manage to be calm and agitated in the right situations.

They love to please others and so they love to work. They are excellent assistance dogs ((with children, old people or people with needs).

   They are intelligent and very adaptable to the lifestyle of their owners. If their owner stays in the couch all day, they will stay in the couch calm, but if the owner decides to go jogging they will follow him with all the pleasure and energy.

  Aggressiveness, fear and mistrust are 3 words that are not part of their dictionary.